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"Balancing Act provides a unique way for residents to help us make the hard choices when it comes to our City’s resources by allowing them to choose what programs are critical or less important within the framework of our budgetary limitations."

- Scott Wagner, Mayor Pro Tem and Finance Chair, Kansas City, MO

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What happens when one of the nation’s biggest and most innovative cities decides it is time to really connect with citizens on the budget?

San Antonio isn’t just the home of the Alamo and Spurs. It is also at the forefront of civic innovation—and the results are evident.

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Cities, counties, school districts, libraries, non-profits, states and others who want to engage their community on budgets can now use Balancing Act.

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Why Online is the Best Choice for
Public Engagement on the Budget

New white paper gives the rationale for why online approaches to public engagement on the budget are better than PDFs and traditional hearings.

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