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"Balancing Act provides a unique way for residents to help us make the hard choices when it comes to our City’s resources by allowing them to choose what programs are critical or less important within the framework of our budgetary limitations."

- Scott Wagner, Mayor Pro Tem and Finance Chair, Kansas City, MO

"[With Balancing Act] participants were able to spend much less time crunching numbers and much more time engaging with each other and with public officials around important issues. Balancing Act was a great step forward, and we plan to use it again."

- Jackie McKinney, Co-Chair, Hartford 2000

Balancing Act is Now
Available For Any Budget

Cities, counties, school districts, libraries, non-profits, states and others who want to engage their community on budgets can now use Balancing Act.

Our new Pro plan offers the choice to use a template or match your existing budget structure.

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Introducing the
Balancing Act Taxpayer Receipt

Add a new level of transparency by providing residents with a detailed receipt showing where their taxes go.

This add-on tool uses the same database as the budget simulation and is easy to implement.

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