Housing simulation screen shot

Housing Simulation

A simulation-based tool for public engagement on housing. Break down the housing process in a highly visual way and engage constituents beyond their own backyard. Present residents with the tough tradeoffs faced by government planners to gather informed feedback and communicate housing goals.

Housing simulation examples: Elk Grove, Lafayette, Eastvale, and Sutherland Shire, Australia.

Key Features


Get informed input from residents on how they would meet housing goals


Interactive map shows where housing would be placed


Can be used online and in in-person sessions


Can be used for specific parcels, density of an area, or type of housing

Case Studies

“All sites got 55% percent support. 65% was the minimum for those that were selected. This was the easiest housing element process I’ve ever done.”

--Christopher Jordan, Director, Strategic Planning and Innovation, City of Elk Grove, on the results of using Balancing Act for Housing